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Legal Notice / Privacy Policy

Identifying Data of the Owner of the Website: In accordance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE). Obligations of general information established in article 10 of the LSSI. Company Name: SYNERGY WOMEN SL CIF: B27490788 Activity: Social network of contacts of female athletes Address: Ra da Esperanza n 9 chalet E - Oural CP27392-Sarria Email address: Web address: Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Lugo.Hoja LU - 18902, volume 500, folio 6 Data protection policy: In compliance with article 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, which regulates the right of information in the collection of data, it is warned that all personal data that are voluntarily provided by the users of the page will be included in an automated file called USERS OF THE SOCIAL NETWORK whose purpose is the "management of the personal data of the users of the social network of contacts of female athletes necessary for the development of the activity of the person responsible for the file, including the sending of newsletters "and which is registered in the name of the owner of the website before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. The user grants the express, free and unequivocal consent for their personal data to be included in an automated file that is responsible for SYNERGY WOMEN SL and that will be treated with the following purposes:

  • Manage your registration as a user of the social network.
  • Collect the content and other information you provide when creating or sharing content and when sending messages or communicating with other users.
  • Attend your request when you contact us through our contact form.
  • Attend your request when you contact through our email.
  • In these cases your personal data will not be transferred to third parties outside the social network with the exception of the necessary transfers for its proper functioning (allow communication with other users). In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD) we inform you that the basis for the processing of your data will be the management of the initiatives promoted by the social network and the administration and registration of users. You will have the right to access your personal data, as well as to request the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request its deletion when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes that were collected. You can request the limitation or opposition of the processing of your data, in which case we will only keep them to comply with the obligations legally established. The period of conservation of your personal data will be from the date of registration until the account is removed from the social network. SYNERGY WOMEN SL can send you newsletters as long as you expressly accept your shipment. The authorization for sending newsletters may be revoked at any time by sending an email to For these purposes we inform you that at any time you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of your personal data to the address indicating in writing your request and attaching a photocopy of your ID. SYNERGY WOMEN SL undertakes to treat your personal data in an absolutely confidential way and to use them only for the purposes indicated. By virtue of the principle of data quality, the User must communicate in writing to SYNERGY WOMEN SL, by any means that allows to have proof of receipt by SYNERGY WOMEN SL, any errors that may appear in their personal data in order to proceed to rectify them. Both parties will consider that the data contained in the systems of SYNERGY WOMEN SL are correct, in case the User does not exercise his right of rectification. We also inform you that SYNERGY WOMEN SL has implemented the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of your personal data. Through this website personal data is collected without your knowledge. In the event that you are not satisfied with the processing of your data, you may address your claims with the Data Protection Authorities. Applicable legislation This Legal Notice will be governed by the provisions of Spanish law subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the address of the owner of the website.

    Our services

    Our goal is to give athletes the chance to achieve their dreams in the world of sports for it, we put at your disposal the products and services described below:

    We provide you with a personalized experience:

    Your experiences in Sywom are different from the experiences of the rest of people who use the platform. All aspects are personalized: from the publications, stories, announcements and other content you see in the news section or on our video platform, to the pages you follow and other functions that you may use, such as job offers, events , Marketplace and the search. We use the data we have, for example, those relating to the connections you link, the settings and settings you select, the type of content you share and the actions you take on our Products or outside of them to customize your experience.

    We connect you with the people and organizations that interest you:

    We help you find athletes, groups, companies, clubs and other entities that interest you. Based on the data we have, we offer suggestions to you and other people, such as groups to join, events to attend, pages to follow or to send messages, s communities work better the narrower the ties that unite their members, that's why we believe that our services are more useful if people connect with people, groups and organizations that interest them.

    We combat harmful behaviors, and we protect and support our community:

    People will only have an interest in consolidating sywom communities if they feel it is a safe environment. if someone shows behavior that is harmful to others and if situations arise in which we can contribute to help or protect our community. If we have proof of content or behavior of this type, we will apply the corresponding measures, such as offering help, deleting content, blocking access to certain functions, disabling an account.

    Your commitments with Sywom

    We put at your disposal and that of other people these services in order to fulfill our purpose. In return, you must commit to the following:

    1. Who can use SYWOM

    We want our community to be a safe environment in which people take responsibility for their opinions and actions. For this reason, you must comply with the following:

    • Use the same name you use in your daily life.
    • Provide accurate information about you.
    • Create only one account (own) and use the biography for personal purposes.
    • Do not share your password or give other people access to your Sywom account, or transfer your account without our permission.

    We try to make Sywom available to everyone, but you can not use the platform in the following cases:

    • You do not have the minimum age necessary (16 years in the case of Spain).
    • You have been convicted of sex crimes.
    • We have previously disabled your account for violating our conditions or policies.
    • The applicable legislation prohibits you from accessing our products, services or software.

    2. What you can do and what you can share in Sywom

    We want people to use Sywom for the active search of work in the world of sports, so that companies, clubs find the player, coach, or employee that is relevant to them, but without endangering the safety and well-being of other people or harm the integrity of our community. Therefore, you agree not to participate in the behaviors described below or help or support other people in these behaviors.

    1. It is not allowed to use our Products to perform actions or share content in the following cases:

    • If they are illegal, deceptive, discriminatory or fraudulent.
    • If they infringe or violate the rights of another person.
    • Nudes, or sexual content

    2. It is not allowed to upload viruses or malicious codes, or perform activities that may disable, overload or alter the proper functioning of our Products, or modify their appearance.

    3. It is not allowed to access data of our Products or collect them with automated means without our prior permission, or try to access them without the corresponding permission.

    We reserve the right to remove content you share in case you violate these provisions, as well as to take action in relation to your account (if applicable) for the reasons described below. In the same way, we can disable your account in case you repeatedly infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights of other people.

    When appropriate, we will take steps to notify you of the removal of your content for violation of our Community Guidelines. However, we may not be able to make the notification in all cases, for example, if the law prohibits us or if doing so could harm our community or the integrity of our Products. To contribute to the proper functioning of the community, we recommend that you report any content or behavior that you consider that infringes your rights (including intellectual or industrial property rights) or our conditions and policies.

    3. Permissions that you grant us

    To provide our services, we need you to grant us certain permits:

    • 1. Permission to use content that you create and share: the content that you create and share on Sywom belongs to you, and no provision included in these Terms voids the rights you have over it. You can freely share your content with whomever you want and where you want. However, to provide our services, we must have certain use permits for you. In particular, when you share, publish or upload content that is protected by intellectual property rights (such as photos or videos) in our Products, or in connection with them, you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licenseable and exempt license. copyright payments to host, use, distribute, modify, maintain, reproduce, display or publicly communicate and translate your content, as well as to create derivative content (in accordance with your privacy and application settings). In other words, if you share a picture ensywom, you give us permission to store it, copy it and share it with others (according to your configuration), as service providers that help us provide our services. You can delete the content or your account at any time to terminate this license. In any case, you should know that, for technical reasons, the content you delete may remain on the platform in backup copies for a limited time, although other users will not be able to see it. Also, the content you delete may still be visible if you have shared it with other people and they have not deleted it.
    • 2. Permission to update the software you use or download: if you download or use our software, you grant us permission to download and install versions with improvements, updates and additional functions in order to continue with its improvement, improvement and development.

    4. Limitations on the use of our intellectual property

    We reserve all rights to the content protected by intellectual or industrial property rights (of our property) that we make available in our Products (such as images, designs, videos or sound that we offer and that you add to the content that you create or share in Sywom ). You will keep the intellectual or industrial property rights related to your content. You may only use our copyrighted content, or our trademarks or similar as set out in our Trademark Use Rules, or with our written consent. You must obtain our written permission or have one under an open source license to modify, decompile or otherwise try to extract our source code, as well as create derivative works from it.